We accept the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP), click here to learn more

We accept the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP), click here to learn more

We accept the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP), click here to learn more


Does Tooth Decay Lead to a Filling?

Tooth Decay Lead to a dental filling

Have you ever wondered what happens when your tooth gets a hole in it? Well, that’s what we call tooth decay. It resembles a little monster that enters your mouth covertly and begins gnawing on your teeth. But don’t worry, we have superheroes called fillings to save the day. Let’s dive into the world of tooth decay and fillings to understand how they work together.

What is Tooth Decay?

Imagine your teeth wearing armour to protect them from invaders like bacteria. But sometimes, these sneaky bacteria find a way through tiny cracks or holes in the armour. Once inside, they party on the leftovers from your meals, especially the sugary stuff. 

This party creates acids that attack your tooth’s hard outer layer, called enamel. As the acids keep chomping away, they create tiny holes, which we call cavities.

Does Tooth Decay Lead to a Filling?

Yes, it does. When tooth decay digs a hole in your tooth, it’s like digging a hole in a sandcastle at the beach. You don’t want that hole to get bigger and ruin your castle. Similarly, when there’s a hole in your tooth, it needs fixing before it gets worse. That’s where dental fillings near you come in.

What Are Fillings?

Fillings are like tiny patches for your teeth. They come in different materials, like silver, gold, or tooth-coloured stuff called composite resin. When you visit the dentist, they clean out the decayed part of your tooth and fill the hole with one of these materials. It’s like fixing a pothole in the road to keep cars from bumping around.

How Do Fillings Help?

Think of fillings as superheroes fighting tooth decay monsters. Once the decay is removed, dental filling seals up the hole, stopping the bacteria from partying any further. It also helps to strengthen your tooth so it doesn’t break easily. With a filling in place (tooth decay treatment), your tooth can go back to its superhero duties, like chewing favourite foods.

Taking Care of Your Teeth

Preventing tooth decay is like putting up a shield around your teeth to keep the monsters away. Here are some super tips to keep your teeth healthy:

Brush and Floss: Brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and floss once a day. It helps to remove food bits that bacteria love to munch on.

Eat Healthy: Snack on fruits and veggies instead of sugary treats. Your teeth will thank you for it.

Visit the Dentist: Don’t forget to see your dentist near you regularly. They can spot tooth decay early and fix it before it gets worse.

Drink Water: Water is like a superhero drink for your teeth. It washes away leftover food and keeps your mouth hydrated.

By following these tips, you can keep tooth decay monsters at bay and have a healthy, happy smile.

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Tooth decay is like a sneaky villain trying to ruin your teeth, but fillings are the superheroes that come to your rescue. They patch up the holes and strengthen your teeth so they can keep doing their job. Remember to brush, floss, eat healthily, and visit your dentist  in Red Deer regularly to keep your teeth in top shape. 

With a bit of care, you can keep those tooth decay monsters away and enjoy a bright, beautiful smile for years to come. At Alpen Dental, we’re here to tackle tooth decay head-on. Our expert team ensures timely dental fillings, offering guidance and aftercare tips to keep your smile sparkling. Trust us to safeguard your tooth’s health.