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Root Canal Treatment in Red Deer & Blackfalds

Root Canal Treatment Near You

At Alpen Dental, we prioritize patient health and wellbeing above all else. When tooth decay is left untreated, it can spread to the roots of the tooth and lead to tooth loss. To prevent this from occurring, our team provides root canal therapy near you.

Root Canal Therapy in Blackfalds

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Our teeth are composed of many layers. The outer layer of our teeth is called enamel, and it works to protect our teeth and provide them with the nice white color we all desire. Beneath that is a softer layer called the dentin, and in the very center is a substance called the pulp. The pulp of a tooth contains all the important blood vessels and nerves that provide nutrients to our tooth.

When decay makes its way to the pulp of a tooth, it compromises the tooth and can cause it to die from a lack of nutrients. Root canal therapy is a simple procedure performed by a dentist near you to access and remove the infected pulp and prevent the need for tooth extraction.

What to Expect During Your Root Canal Procedure

Due to its poor representation in popular media, many people do not know what root canal therapy involves, and many individuals mistakenly believe that this process is very painful. It is important to remember that root canal therapy in Red Deer is performed to alleviate painful symptoms and preserve your teeth, not cause pain.

When you visit our team for root canal therapy in Blackfalds, the process will begin with our dentist applying a local numbing agent to the affected area to ensure you remain comfortable throughout the procedure. Next, they will drill a small hole into your tooth to find and remove the affected pulp before disinfecting the space and reshaping the canals. Finally, they will place a filling in your tooth, completing the procedure.

It is important to note that your dentist will often require you to return to the clinic after healing to place a dental crown over your tooth and provide it with extra protection and support.

What Are the Benefits of Root Canal Therapy?

There are many benefits associated with root canal therapy, including:

  • An effective, painless procedure
  • Enhanced appearance of your smile
  • Preservation of your teeth
  • Improvement of your oral health

If you believe that you may require root canal therapy near you, our team at Alpen Dental is happy to provide you with high-quality root canal treatment. Please do not hesitate to contact us to book a consultation today.