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General Dentistry in Red Deer & Blackfalds

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General Dentistry in Red Deer & Blackfalds

General Dentistry Near You

Our team at Alpen Dental is dedicated to providing our patients with comprehensive, preventative dental care. We understand that each patient who enters our care is unique and has their own concerns and goals regarding their oral health. With our general dentistry practices, we are confident that we can help each of our patients maintain their bright, healthy smiles for a lifetime.

Dental Cleanings and Exams

If you want to maintain a healthy smile for as long as possible, attending professional dental cleanings and exams regularly is essential. During these appointments, our dental team will work to eliminate harmful plaque and tartar from your mouth and ensure that you remain in excellent oral health.

Root Canal Therapy

Our teeth are made of several layers, and when decay makes its way to the center of your tooth, it can cause the tooth to die and require extraction. To prevent this and alleviate the painful symptoms of tooth infection, our team at Alpen Dental provides root canal therapy in Blackfalds.

Dental Sealants

When you run your tongue along your molars, you may notice deep fissures, grooves, and pits. These are ideal areas for bacteria to accumulate and cause tooth decay and infection. Dental sealants in Red Deer are plastic adhesives painted over molars to “seal” these pits and grooves and create a smooth surface for cleaning. Dental sealants are an easy way to prevent cavities and enhance oral health.