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CEREC Dental Crowns in Red Deer & Blackfalds

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CEREC Dental Crowns in Red Deer & Blackfalds

CEREC Dental Crowns Near You

Dental crowns are a restoration provided by dentists when individuals deal with damage or deterioration to their teeth, such as a break, crack, or lost dental restoration. In many cases, dental crowns take several visits to a dental clinic to be placed, which can be both time-consuming and frustrating for the patient.

At Alpen Dental, we provide a simpler and more convenient alternative to traditional dental crown placement. With CEREC dental crowns in Red Deer, you can get a dental crown placed in just one visit to our dental clinic near you.

CEREC Dental Crowns in Blackfalds

What is CEREC Technology?

CEREC dental crowns are created on the spot using a high-quality design technology alongside computer-aided manufacturing. CEREC technology works by taking scans of the affected tooth to help our dentist determine how your custom crown should look. These scans are then imported to the CEREC machine, where your dental crown is milled out of a ceramic block and immediately placed over your tooth.

How Are CEREC Crowns Placed?

When you choose to get CEREC dental crowns in Blackfalds, you will save yourself the time that comes with getting a traditional dental crown. You can expect your appointment to include the following steps:

  • Our dentist will take radiographs of your tooth to determine the extent of the damage.
  • Using CEREC technology, our dentist near you will take digital scans of your tooth to create your custom crown.
  • Once your crown has been created, our dentist will place it over your damaged tooth and cement it into place, completing the procedure.

Looking After Your Dental Crown

CEREC crowns are durable and will last for several years with the right care. To get the most out of your crown, ensure that you continue to maintain an excellent oral hygiene routine of brushing and flossing daily. Additionally, it would be best if you visited our team at Alpen Dental at least once every six months for professional dental cleanings and exams.

Interested in CEREC Dental Crowns?

We are happy to provide CEREC dental crowns near you as an innovative alternative to traditional dental crowns. Please reach out to us to learn more about this same-day dental crown procedure.