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The Role Of Dentists

Dental Exam In Blackfalds, Alberta

Dentists are not always the most popular people in their community. They usually have a less than stellar reputation all because some people have had an unpleasant experience in the dentist’s chair. Dr. D explains why this is not at all justified.

As tempting as it is to shift the responsibility for caring for our teeth on to our dentists, it really lies primarily on each of us. Blaming dentists for our dental problems is really just shooting the messenger. Their access to our teeth is extremely limited, all things considered, so the time they spend with us is often spent alerting us about potential issues and addressing problems that we have allowed to occur. As Dr. D puts it, dentists are the “firemen” of oral health care.

Dr. Dolynchuk became a dentist because he wanted to help people and that is what dentists do. Their work keeps our teeth strong and healthy, and our smiles bright.