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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Blackfalds and Rimbey

Coffee, tea, cola, wine – these are just some of the several joys of life that can leave a lasting mark on our smile. We should be able to appreciate these without worrying about yellow teeth. This is probably why every pharmacy and grocery store sells kits that promise to make our smile “two shades brighter.” These products vary in effectiveness, though, and can be dangerous if you have sensitive teeth.

Teeth whitening treatments in Rimbey and Blackfalds


While beverages like the ones we mentioned earlier are often the culprit in changing the colour of your teeth, discolouration happens for many reasons. In addition to food and drink, stained teeth can have causes like:

  • Tobacco use: The brown colour of cigarette smoke and chewing tobacco can transfer to your teeth.
  • Injury and illness: Trauma to your teeth can cause them to change colour. Some medical conditions and treatments also discolour teeth.
  • Poor oral hygiene: Not brushing or flossing your teeth regularly can result in discolouration.
  • Age: As you get older, your teeth gradually become more yellow.

If you don’t know why you have stained teeth, you can talk with your dentist to discuss possible causes.


A dentist can whiten your teeth professionally. It is a simple procedure, with the instruments and materials that they have available.

You should always visit your dentist before you decide to whiten your teeth. They are best able to determine if a traditional teeth whitening procedure will work for you. Everyone has different teeth and whitening results do vary from person to person, but a dentist can give you their professional opinion and give you the best chance for successful treatment.


Some of the benefits you’ll see with professional teeth whitening include:

  • Whiter, brighter smile: Thanks to the strength of professional teeth whitening treatments, you can see a big difference in a short time.
  • Improved confidence: Patients get their teeth whitened to feel better about their appearances. When you have the smile you want, you can feel happier with your teeth.
  • Custom treatment: Everyone’s mouth and teeth are different. A professional treatment means you get a custom tray fit specifically for your teeth and the whitening experience you want — rather than using a generic kit.
  • Less discomfort: Many kits come in contact with your gums and cause pain and sensitivity. Your dentist will ensure that the whitening agent will touch your gums as little as possible.
  • More safety: Professional whitening treatments have a stronger effect than kits, but your dentist understands how to avoid damaging your teeth with them. They can watch your teeth closely during the process and prevent harm before it happens.
  • Longer effects: The strong teeth whitening solution from the dentist can help your teeth stay bright and white for a longer time than over-the-counter kits.


It takes only a few steps to make your smile whiter using professional methods:

  1. Before creating a take-home kit, you will receive a thorough examination. Stains from different sources have different reactions to professional whitening solutions.
  2. Your dentist takes an impression of your mouth. They use this impression to create a special tray meant for your unique teeth shape.
  3. Then, your dentist will put together a custom kit that includes the tray and professional-grade whitener. You get a detailed overview of what to do with it to keep your mouth safe.
  4. The next step is up to you. Over the course of a week or two, you use the kit to whiten your teeth. Put the mouth tray and whitener in your mouth for about three or four hours every night. Contact your dentist if you notice any potential side effects.

In some cases, professional whitening methods don’t work well enough to brighten your teeth. These situations might require veneers or crowns to change your teeth’s colour. Your dentist can help you every step of the way.

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