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Pediatric Dental Treatment

Dentistry for Children in Blackfalds and Rimbey

As a parent, you want to protect your children from pain and help them grow up happy and healthy. If your own experience with dentistry was painful and unpleasant, it may be hard for you to champion regular dentist visits to your children. Teaching them good daily oral hygiene habits and getting periodic dental checkups can reduce the need for pediatric dental work.

dentist and child patient

Despite the best oral hygiene and preventive care, sometimes children require dental work to reduce pain, repair or straighten teeth or prevent future gum disease. These situations, if left untreated, can interfere with learning, development and happiness. You can rely on Alpen Dental in the Red Deer area to provide necessary dental treatments in a safe and comfortable environment for you and your children.

Pediatric Sedation

Sedation is now often used in general dentistry to manage patient anxiety and reduce pain. Dentists understand that when patients are relaxed and comfortable, they tolerate dental work much better and heal faster afterward. The same ideas hold true for pediatric dentistry.

At Alpen Dental in Blackfalds, we use nitrous oxide for pediatric dental sedation. Nitrous oxide is a sedative mixed with oxygen that is then breathed in through a breathing mask during the procedure. Also known as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide helps patients relax when having dental work. During the procedure, the patient will still be awake and will be able to talk and communicate, while simply feeling more relaxed about what is going on. It is possible to get slightly light-headed or to experience some tingling in your limbs, but these feelings go away quickly after the gas in done been administered! Contact our dentists today if you think nitrous oxide may be the best option for you or your child’s next dental procedure!

Blackfalds and Rimbey Family Dental Clinics

The trusted family dental practice in Blackfalds and Rimbey is Alpen Dental. Our accomplished doctors, professional staff and warm environment bring in families from all around the Red Deer area who want comfortable and comprehensive dental care all in one location.

Coordinate regular dental cleanings and checkups for you and your children to make good dental health convenient. Alpen Dental provides all needed dental services from caring for baby teeth to replacing worn out teeth with implants. Make Alpen Dental your family dentistry services provider by calling for a child dental appointment in Blackfalds or Rimbey today.