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Mouth and Night Guards

Mouth and Night Guards in Blackfalds

If your child plays sports, you may be looking for a kids’ mouth guard in the Red Deer area. Many school and municipal sports teams require mouth guards for all players as part of their protective gear. Even when a kids’ mouth guard is not required by the league, it is still a good idea to use one to protect your child’s teeth.

Benefits of Mouth Guards

Kids may complain about wearing a mouth guard when they play sports, but the right mouth guard that is properly fitted to the child’s teeth can be extremely comfortable. With the right mouth guard worn properly, a young athlete can speak and breathe normally.

The benefits of wearing a mouth guard include protection against:

  • Chipping teeth during contact sports
  • Losing teeth in unfortunate falls or contact from the ball
  • Sustaining a concussion

Even in non-contact sports, there is a chance your child can receive and accidental blow to the head or face. They could go up for a rebound and come down with an elbow to the head. A line drive could clip them right in the mouth before they have time to react. Wearing a mouth guard can help ensure that when the swelling goes down, your child’s beautiful smile is still intact.

Night Guard for Teeth in Blackfalds

A night guard could protect your teeth from damage when you are sleeping. Although it does not qualify as an athletic activity, sleeping can be dangerous for your teeth. Many people grind their teeth while they are sleeping and do not even realize they have this habit. Grinding your teeth is tough on your jaw and your teeth.

Benefits of Night Guards

A night guard will not stop you from grinding your teeth. It will protect your teeth from the damage that grinding inflicts. Grinding your teeth wears down the enamel and weakens your teeth and gums. It also puts a lot of pressure on your jaw and can cause headaches.

The benefits of wearing a night guard include:

  • Avoiding expensive dental work to fix worn out and broken teeth
  • Relieves the tension and pain on your jaw and head
  • Can prevent snoring

Night guards are comfortable and easy to sleep with. A night guard allows you to breathe normally and may even prevent snoring. Mostly, it can give you peace of mind that your teeth are protected in the event that you grind your teeth during the night.


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