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Dental Crowns and Bridges

Dental Crowns and Bridges in Blackfalds

Crowns and bridges are used as your teeth become weak or worn out from age or injury. They are ways of working with the parts of your teeth that remain strong to give you a complete smile. Crowns refer to an artificial substance used to cap a broken or decayed tooth. They sit on top of the root of your tooth which is why we call them crowns.

dentist giving patient crowns

Dental bridges are used to replace missing teeth. They bridge the gap left between two healthy teeth, and they rely on those healthy teeth to anchor them in place. A dental bridge can be used in any area of your mouth where a tooth is missing, and it is an excellent solution when one of your front teeth is knocked out by an injury.

Crowns are usually recommended when you need to:

  • Replace a missing or weak tooth
  • Rebuild a complete smile
  • Replace cracked or damaged teeth
  • Replace a tooth with a loose filling that cannot hold another filling
  • Improve chewing function

Your dentist will recommend a crown or dental bridge based on your unique situation. Sometimes both are used to shore up a weak area in your smile and make it look more natural.

Crowns for Broken Teeth

You may not realize that you have tiny cracks in a tooth, but they can be the source of pain. When you bite down, the cracked area of the tooth is coming in contact with the opposing teeth and disturbing the nerves inside. The pain of a cracked tooth is often relieved with a crown that seals the cracks and acts as a protective coating for your tooth. Small cracks sometimes form around old fillings and cause pain. If the cracks are too big, it may be impossible to replace the filling. A crown will solve the problem, take the place of the filling and stop the pain.

Zirconia Crowns

Crowns are traditionally made from gold or ceramic. Both materials are strong and non-toxic, but the ceramic crowns tend to blend better with your natural teeth. Ceramic crowns can be colored to match the surrounding teeth to make your smile look more natural.

Zirconia is a crystal material that is translucent and very strong. Artificial joints are made from zirconia because it is strong and non-toxic. Zirconia crowns look natural in your smile and can be used to cover stained or disfigured teeth. Your dentist can explain your options and help you decide which type of crown is best for your situation.

Bridging a Gap in Your Bite

One broken or decayed tooth can ruin your smile and make it difficult to eat. If the tooth is not replaced, the strong teeth on either side of the gap will begin to shift. A bridge fills the space with a ceramic tooth and is anchored on either side by caps. A bridge can be used to replace one or several missing teeth in one part of your smile.

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