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Why Did Dr. D Become A Dentist?

Dentist Dr. Dolynchuk

Becoming a dentist is not a dream that many aspire to, but it has proven to be a rewarding career for Dr. Dolynchuk. He enjoys being able to help patients reaching their oral health goals by either restoring or maintain their teeth, and feel confident and proud of their smile.

When, though, did Dr. D decide to get in to this field? And what is it about dentistry that attracted him?

So Dr. Dolynchuk has always known that he wanted a career in health care. He has been driven to take care of people since he was five years old.

As he got older, Dr. D noticed what an impact a person’s appearance can have on them. Maxillofacial surgery was his first choice because it would allow him to reconstruct the bone and muscle structure of a person’s face.

Once he found dentistry though, he found that it was better suited for him. Helping his patient’s restore a fantastic smile, as well as the confidence to show it off, is Dr. D’s favorite part of being a dentist.