Important Signs That You Can No Longer Avoid Visiting an Orthodontist


When most of us hear the word ‘orthodontist’, the image of chunky metal braces immediately pop into our minds. And while that specific service is indeed a treatment that an orthodontist can administer, they’re capable of providing other forms of care too.  If you’re interested in learning more about orthodontic care as a way to […]

The Healing Process for Dental Implants

Like dental crowns and dental bridges, dental implants are a solution for those seeking oral care that lasts for an extended period. Dentists in Blackfalds may suggest dental implants as one avenue to consider if you’re missing multiple teeth, have experienced an injury to your teeth, or have developed signs of gum disease. Contact a […]

Questions to Ask Before Having a Smile Makeover

A lot of us think about having that beautiful, photo-worthy smile, just like our favorite celebrities. Thanks to modern advancements in the field of dental care, doing so has never been simpler. However, it’s one thing to dream of having beautiful teeth; it’s another to make the commitment. Receiving cosmetic and restorative treatments can be […]