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How to Avoid and Remove Tooth Stains

smiling woman with white teeth and red lipstick

We can all picture the perfect smile. Perfect teeth, each a pearly white, just seem to light up a room and make the smile’s owner even more attractive. But when teeth don’t have that uniform glow to them, with an unpleasant tint from stains, they can appear unhealthy. It can suggest a range of bad habits. And for some, it can make them self-conscious enough to avoid smiling altogether.

If you aren’t in love with discoloration on your teeth, there is a wide range of options available to correct this. Since the stains can be brought on by a variety of habits and conditions, the first step is to understand …

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Dental Hygiene After 55: A Guide for Older Adults

It’s no secret that good oral hygiene is important. But, for many adults over 55, practicing good oral care habits isn’t as easy as it once was. For some, arthritis and other conditions make it harder to brush and floss the way you should. For others, changes in finances or lack of adequate dental insurance might be a barrier to regular cleanings. Or, maybe you’re disabled and relying on a family member or caretaker to assist you in these areas when they can.

There are some very real challenges to practicing good oral hygiene as you age. But often, people use these reasons as an excuse to let their oral …

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