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The Role Of Dentists

Dental Exam In Blackfalds, Alberta

Dentists are not always the most popular people in their community. They usually have a less than stellar reputation all because some people have had an unpleasant experience in the dentist’s chair. Dr. D explains why this is not at all justified.

As tempting as it is to shift the responsibility for caring for our teeth on to our dentists, it really lies primarily on each of us. Blaming dentists for our dental problems is really just shooting the messenger. Their access to our teeth is extremely limited, all things considered, so the time they spend with us is often spent alerting us about potential issues and addressing problems that …

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Why Did Dr. D Become A Dentist?

Dentist Dr. Dolynchuk

Becoming a dentist is not a dream that many aspire to, but it has proven to be a rewarding career for Dr. Dolynchuk. He enjoys being able to help patients reaching their oral health goals by either restoring or maintain their teeth, and feel confident and proud of their smile.

When, though, did Dr. D decide to get in to this field? And what is it about dentistry that attracted him?

So Dr. Dolynchuk has always known that he wanted a career in health care. He has been driven to take care of people since he was five years old.

As he got older, Dr. D noticed what an impact …

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Introducing Dr. D, Your Dentist

Dr. Dolynchuk with Alpen logo

Not everybody knows Dr. Dolynchuk’s interesting story. He did not grow up in Alberta, and he moved here before he was a dentist – for a job that might surprise you. To get to know him better, we asked him to tell us his story.

So he “went from big drill bits to little drill bits,” that is quite a change. As he says, becoming a dentist was not a common aspiration for oil riggers. It is not the usual way people work their way through medical school.

His experience obviously left its mark though, the adventurous life on the oil rigs not only drew Dr. D to Alberta, but …

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