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Myths About Dental Veneers

The use of dental veneers is rising in popularity, but what are they? These thin, tooth-coloured layers of porcelain or ceramic resin are adhered to the surface of your teeth to improve their appearance or structure. Veneers can hide cosmetic issues like gaps, crooked teeth or yellowed teeth and mild injuries like cracks or damaged enamel.

Some patients are hesitant about getting veneers because quite a few myths surround these dental appliances. If you’re thinking about getting dental veneers, here are a few common myths you may encounter.

Myth: Dental Veneers Are a Temporary Treatment

Veneers are quite durable and are meant to be a permanent solution for many dental issues. With proper care, they should last as long as 10 to 15 years. However, at some point, you will need to have them replaced by your dentist.

Myth: Veneers Are Only Used for Cosmetic Concerns

Although many patients get dental veneers for cosmetic reasons, there are actually many restorative benefits they can provide. If you have a chip, crack or small hole in your tooth, dental veneers can protect your damaged teeth. They can also improve your overall oral health by enhancing your bite or repairing molars or other teeth which have been worn down.

Myth: Your Natural Teeth Will Be Drastically Shaved Down

Reshaping your teeth is a necessary step to fit the veneer. However, this is usually very minimal, only enough so the ultra-thin veneer material can be fitted over your natural teeth. Without reshaping your tooth, the veneer would appear bulky and look fake.

Myth: Veneers Look Obvious and Fake

This may have been true in the past. However, veneers have now been used for many years with great success. Modern technology ensures veneers can be customized to meet your needs. Most people will never realize you are wearing them.

Dental veneers are made from very thin, natural looking material that is designed to blend seamlessly with your smile. Each veneer is shaped to the exact size of your teeth and colour matched both to the shade of your natural teeth and your skin tone.

Myth: Getting Veneers Is an Uncomfortable Process

While you are getting your dental veneers, we strive to keep you comfortable throughout your appointment. The procedure involves removing a small amount of dental enamel as we prepare to apply the veneer. To ensure this process is relatively painless, we may use a local anesthetic.

The only time you may experience discomfort or sensitivity is the interim period between applying your temporary veneers and your permanent ones.

Myth: Dental Veneers Are High Maintenance

Once your dental veneers are applied, they are very much like your natural teeth. You will need to maintain your regular dental hygiene regimen, brushing and flossing them as usual. To keep your veneers clean and glossy, you may want to consider using a special toothpaste. However, normal toothpaste will do the trick.

Myth: Dental Veneers Are Too Expensive

Unfortunately, some patients may find that dental veneers are not a cost-effective solution for their dental issues. However, you can speak to your dental office about payment plans to fit your family’s budget.

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