Oral Hygiene

Our Dental Hygiene Team

Nothing feels quite like having squeaky clean teeth. Regular trips to the dental hygienist can ensure that you have the cleanest and the healthiest set of teeth possible. Your hygienist plays a vital role in keeping your teeth free of plaque and bacteria. Feel free to ask them for tips on maintaining your own personal dental hygiene.

Caring for Your Teeth

Brushing and flossing your teeth are critical to maintaining good dental hygiene, but plaque still has a tendency to build up in those hard to see, hard to reach places.

A dental hygienist can keep your teeth free of hard to remove plaque, and keep an eye on trouble spots that might develop into cavities or tooth decay without special attention. Most importantly, though, a good dental hygienist will offer helpful tips and advice on how you can care for your teeth yourself.

Dr. Dolynchuk likes to say that the patient he is seeing is the only person on the planet during their appointment– nothing else matters. He is only your dentist when you are sitting in his chair, though – you are your own dentist the rest of the time. That is why it is important for you to know how to best care for your own unique set of teeth.

A visit with the dental hygienist in Blackfalds or Rimbey will not require any freezing or anesthetic. It can be as simple and painless as a quick flossing. The best part of a visit with a dental hygienist is the feeling that you have afterwards. It is like you have a brand new set of teeth!